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Happy New Year! Image

Happy New Year!

  • January 2 19
Another year has passed, and another wealth of memories made. People have come and gone. The months have flown by. Thank you to everyone who has made the past year a success. Many people, at this time Read More
Outdoor Fireplaces Image

Outdoor Fireplaces

  • November 26 18
Watching the leaves turn colors signals that start of winter in my mind.  Enjoying the cooler weather and the fall foods brings you to a special place. This is my favorite season to explore Read More
Happy Thanksgiving Image

Happy Thanksgiving

  • November 19 18
Turkey, stuffing, and pie are a few pieces of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. This Thursday, many of us will be sitting down to this feast and celebrating this year’s harvest. In doing so, we Read More
NP What? Image

NP What?

  • November 12 18
Lately, one of our most popular products has really been flying off the shelves. Caulking, a sealant, is used to keep moisture out of cracks in masonry, window seals, and other areas. It is a vital Read More
RidgeRock and Nursery Stone Image

RidgeRock and Nursery Stone

  • October 29 18
RidgeRock retaining wall block is manufactured at our location in Joplin, Missouri. These interlocking blocks can be used to build retaining walls over 60 feet high. Manufactured in five colors, Read More
Halloween is Drawing Near Image

Halloween is Drawing Near

  • October 22 18
Halloween is one of those fun times of year where anything can happen. You can dress up as a character for the day. There is free candy and fun decorations everywhere. Now that I’ve got my own Read More
Cold Days Image

Cold Days

  • October 15 18
As the calendar ticks closer to the crest of winter, the thermometer ticks lower and the fireplace gets brighter. I’m very glad that we have a beautiful red brick fireplace to center of Read More
Masonry Tools Image

Masonry Tools

  • October 9 18
Joplin Building Material prides itself on serving the Joplin area masons. Of course, we stock a warehouse of mortar. Our block plant is on location, and we are distributers of both brick and Read More
Locomotion Location Image

Locomotion Location

  • October 1 18
Have you ever noticed the railroad that neighbors our office on the corner of 15th and Illinois? I’m sure you have if you have been stopped by a train. Sometimes the whistle blows at the wrong Read More
Manufactured Stone Image

Manufactured Stone

  • September 17 18
Manufactured Stone is made from casting concrete. It is then painted to resemble real stone and mortared onto a structure as a veneer. It has the beauty of real stone and an easier installation. Read More
Siding Image


  • September 10 18
One of the special things about JBM is that we strive to be experts in our field. However, there is so much to learn that we specialize in our experiences. For example, nobody knows cast stone like Read More
Dreaming of Cast Stone Image

Dreaming of Cast Stone

  • September 4 18
Have you ever had one of those weeks where you are too busy to think? You go from one activity to the next with no time to stop and breathe. I believe everyone has those types of weeks. This past week Read More
Coffee Pot Image

Coffee Pot

  • August 27 18
Personally, I don’t drink coffee. When I do have it, I’ve added enough milk and sugar that I can’t reasonably call it coffee anymore. However, my taste buds aside, I love the Read More


  • August 20 18
Here at Joplin Building Material, we pride ourselves on being a premier brick distributor in the Joplin and Springfield area. With over a dozen companies represented in our selection, we have a wide Read More
Old Chicago Pizza Blog Image

Old Chicago Pizza Blog

  • March 15 17
MEAT ME! The exterior of this business is so inviting.  The red brick and a Cast Stone base give this business the feel of luxury and yet the quietness of home.  Working directly with the Read More